• Flipping for Success confronts today’s disruptive business challenges through the lens of re-examining business strategy, and in particular how to be better at strategic execution

    We are seeing more business disruption than in the past three to four decades. The old ways of growing an existing market and competing on price are yesterday’s formula for success. The other form of competition, differentiation, has leap frogged into the spotlight as the preferred way to compete. This word goes by another more common name, innovation.

    Never has there been this level of competitive pressure on businesses for the past two generations. Those businesses that wait too long to transform themselves are doomed to the history books.

    Unfortunately, many businesses lack the adequate instruments to make this successful transformation. To complicate matters many businesses have been internally designed around the slower, compete on price, form of competition. These existing internal structures prevent them from making this change.

    This book explores the question ‘why change now’ and offers up approaches to rewiring business strategy for a new consumer age. It is a must read for board members, leaders and strategists wrestling with a host of planning challenges in their organisations today.


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    Meet the Author

    Value Creator & chief catalyst

    Paul is part of a new and emerging type of strategic expert who views the art of strategic management through a wider lens beyond the traditional boundaries of financial and investment capital. Like many others, Paul entered the workforce thinking competition was simply a model based on grow your market as fast as you can and remain competitive on price. Coming from a technology background and witnessing firsthand the various iterations of technology disruptions along the way, he began to see business strategy as something more than a set of operational efficiencies and mergers and acquisitions. This has helped form his underlying philosophy – the art of strategy needs to be reborn and harnessed in a truly innovative, differential way.

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    Digital Guru

    "Organisations the world over are feeling the heat of a new wave of complexity and competition, yet for many of these companies the biggest obstacle is their own selves. This is an important read for anyone seeking to understand the intricacies of the problem our organisations face and the thinking that is required to unlock a new competitive advantage."



    Change Manager

    "Great read! There are many examples in this book I can relate to on the pitfalls of poorly executed strategy. I particularly enjoyed the chapter 'The value of all things human'. I love the way it humanises strategy. Definitely would recommend this read to my project team."



    "When reading your chapters, I read with great joy your depth of understanding of comprehensive strategy, core themes and how brilliantly you capture the human condition as it relates to change and opportunity. Every ounce of strategic dysfunction is unearthed in helpful and insightful ways that are well referenced and conveyed in a logical and helpful framework. With each topic you bring forth unconscious thoughts and articulate core themes with such clarity and colour that it empowers the reader to call it out along with you and deal with it all in one elegant blow. I am heartened by chapter 4, every business person needs to read this chapter no matter what. You make dense topics light reading and a delight to explore, it is an important book for our times to study from and keep close by as reference. Flipping brilliant, bravo!"

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    Available in Paperback or eBook


    Available in Paperback or eBook


    Available in Paperback

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